Jason Markk Quick Wipes

JM Q Wipes 30
21,95 €

JM Q Wipes 30

30 čistilnih krpic za hitro čiščenje superg.

*trenutno je na voljo samo angleški opis

Quick Wipes come individually packaged making it convenient to have a couple on you at all times - whether you're headed to the club, school, or…anywhere! Each wipe is dual-textured for the ultimate in cleaning versatility on the go! One side of the wipe contains small blue dots which offers a slight abrasiveness and comes in handy when working out tougher stains - while the softer white side is great for general cleaning. Love your shoes on the go. Details: - 30 wipes included - superior cleaning ability - extremely durable - unique dual-textured substrate (wipe material) Note: This product is not to be used on suede and/or nubuck.

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Brand Jason Markk
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